Askar is a refugee camp near the Palestinian city of Nablus. The refugee camp (established in 1950) became actually a densely populated town that lacks proper planning, facilities and streetnames. The families that live within the refugee camp have no hope to ever return to their abandoned homeland. With your support the Palestinian Child Care Society (PCCS) will complete and renovate the crumbling youth centre, which is indispensable for the local youth that are born and live in poverty and social deprivation. A proper youth center with facilities for after school reception and activities will make the living of the children in Askar more bearable.

Make yourself immortal!

We and the children are very delighted by any donation. But if you support our project with100 euro, a street in Askar will be named after you. So if you are generous you deserve your own street! Ofcourse you can give your street any name you would like. That’s up to you!

I decided to go for it. Here’s the result: